Department for New Music - Composition

Class of 2015/16

Robin Wächtershäuser (BA 1. Semester), Felix Krell (ANE), Levent Altuntas (ANE), Hsiu-Wei Hu (BA 7. Semester)

eRika Kojima (ANE), Olga Brainman (EMP und BA Klavier), Charlotte Glöckner (BA 1. Semester), Ágnes Peregi (BA 3. Semester)

Foto: Bernadett Peregi © 2015


The composition lecturer at Dr. Hoch's Conservatory is the composer Claus Kühnl.

The composition programme is offered in three departments of the Conservatory:

Composition teaching in the Department for Music Education for Youth and Adults - ANE:

Many talented and some highly gifted musicians from the ages of 9 to 25 have been making use of this option since 1984 - combining it with school or in parallel to study started elsewhere. Some of the first students of the Kühnl composition class have since achieved international success: Moritz Eggert, Bernhard König, Roland Böer, Franz Klee, Frank Gerhardt, Robin Hoffmann. They now work as professional composers or conductors. Other students have become established sound engineers or computer experts, such as Axel Gutzler and Frank Heckel.

Entry requirements:

  • Performance of original compositions or attempted compositions
  • Ear training test (simultaneous and successive intervals; chords; two-part free-tonal; listening dictation)

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Composition (Bachelor of Music)

Entry requirements:

Presentation of at least three original scores

Four-part setting in the style of the 17th or the 16th Century (cantional setting) for specified melodies.

Questions on a piece from the 20th or 21st Century

Ear training: One-part and multi-part listening

Obligatory subject - piano

Performance of at least 2 pieces of medium difficulty from different periods.

Composition as part of Artistic Education:

A new option has recently been introduced - for those with sufficiently high grades - of a course in composition without pedagogical training, which is known as "Künstlerische Ausbildung" (Artistic Education course) with a composer with many years of experience on the international stage. The Conservatory issues its own certificate.

Course information:

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Wilhelm Killmayer "Schumann in Endenich" / Concert as part of the programme commemorating the 150th anniversary of the death of Robert Schumann.