Department for Music Education for Youth and Adults - ANE - Theory

Target group

Young people, adults. Also young musicians who would like to prepare for the musical theory elements of entrance examinations for a college of music.

Type of course

The Theory department of the Conservatory offers training in music theory, musical setting and ear training. Composition covers subjects including structure, instrumentation, arrangement and composition techniques for new music, as well as music analysis and subjects from musical history.

Theory is offered in individual or group classes. The Conservatory also offer individual crash courses in theory, which are aimed to meet the specific needs of the student. The duration of the classes is 50 minutes.

At the start of the semester the current timetable shows the programme for the semester. The study programme is made up of the following range of subjects:

Courses with content in progressive stages

  • Elementary music studies
  • harmony studies
  • musical setting
  • counterpoint
  • ear training

Supplementary subjects

  • Sight-singing
  • music history
  • music analysis and structure
  • instrument studies
  • instrumentation
  • arrangement
  • composition techniques for new music


There is no set duration of study in this department.

So these course stages can be completed meaningfully, and for your own checks, we offer the option of a final test at the end of the semester.

The lecturer makes recommendations for an appropriate combination of classes. The conservatory can provide a certificate on request, showing the performance of the pupil and confirming participation in the relevant courses.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements. Participation in the teaching of this department requires a previous knowledge of the progressive course stages.

For intensive preparation for study at a technical university or for a professional qualification, the Conservatory recommends the services offered by the Study Preparation department.


Kurosh Eghtesadinia
Dr. Walter Pfann
Benjamin Weinhold*
Snezana Nesic (composition)


Information and registration

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Ramona Rahn
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