Department for Music Education for Youth and Adults - ANE - Singing

Target group

Young people, adults

Registration and information

Ramona Rahn
Tel. +49 (0) 69 212 70177
Mo-Fr 2.00pm - 4.00pm (during term)

Type of course

Talent training: An entrance examination must be passed. No age restrictions. Institute-related specialist musical training in the fields of concert singing, singing. Preliminary training for oratorio and opera singing, jazz. The singing training is given individually once a week. The duration of a class is 50 minutes.

It is also possible to attend up to five classes from the range of theoretical subjects without any extra charge. There is no initial limit to the duration of the training, providing there is an appropriate level of achievement.


There is no set duration of study in this department. On request, the Conservatory can provide a certificate showing the achievements of the pupil and information about his/her musical progress, the music literature covered, and successful participation in internal and public concerts of the Conservatory.

Entry requirements

Entry to this department is determined by an entrance examination. The entrance examination includes singing two sung pieces (art song, folk song or aria, even a song from the field of light music is possible).

The minimum age for entry to this department is generally 14. There is no upper age limit. An appropriate level of vocal ability is required for entry. Less advanced candidates may be accepted for the singing class, if future singing ability is expected.

If a candidate does not pass the entrance examination but there are clear indications of singing ability, we offer the option of voice training classes, individually or in a group.

For intensive preparation for study at a technical university or for a professional qualification, the Conservatory recommends the services offered by the Study Preparation department.


Next entrance examination:

Enquiries can only be processed following written registration by the 15th of February (Summer Semester)/ or the 15th of June (Winter Semester).

course start

1st of april / 1st of october

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