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Early Musical Stimulation

Early Musical Education


Elementary Music Education (EME)

The Hoch Conservatory focuses on gifted young musicians, finding and nurturing talent. In the Elementary Music Pedagogy department, the Conservatory aims to discover the world of music together with children. Singing, speaking, clapping, running, moving, everything that children like to do, is used in the elementary music education to bring young musicians into contact with musical contexts. This also prepares the way for children to work with instruments. Making music for yourself, finding yourself in it, mastering it is the basis for later musical development. Children are taught in groups over progressive courses using play. Rhythmic feel, training of the ear and development of musicality are encouraged through singing, playing and dancing. Music becomes movement, pieces are created. The elementary musical education builds up systematically from course to course. The Conservatory's programme ranges from parent and child courses for children from 18 months, to early musical education, up to basic musical education for children from six years of age. Students of elementary music pedagogy also do the work placements that form part of their course in this department.

Further or parallel musical stimulation for children in the Conservatory, e.g., through instrument classes, ballet classes or music theory, is not just possible but actively encouraged.


50 minutes of class per week,
Groups of about 10 children.
The courses are continually managed by a team of lecturers that themselves teach, and lead and supervise the teaching of the students on the Elementary Music Pedagogy course.


The courses on offer can be attended regardless of previous knowledge of the children.
Early Musical Stimulation - Parents and children from 18 months
Duration of training - 1 year
The course for the later development of each child can be set at a very early age. Often infants lack rhythmic and musical stimuli, which we think can be best passed on with the parents. Our programme allows mother/father and child to move, dance and sing together to a musical accompaniment, and to play with objects and sounds.

Early Musical Education - Children from 4 years of age

The curriculum for the two levels of education are spread over 1 or 2 years
General sensitisation for musical feeling
Development of musical aptitude
Play and discovery at the Orff' Instrumentarium
Music, movement and dance
Singing and speaking of verse, poetry and song
Listening to music
Elementary music studies
Learning the musical parameters
Encounter with various instruments

Instrumentenwonderland (children from 5 to 6 years of age)

Course start
1st of April or 1st of October every year.
The registration deadlines are the 15th of February and the 15th of August of each year.

Subject lecturers

Heike Kopp-Deubel
Birgit Herwig
Gabriele Baba*

Registration and information:
January 15th 2021 - February 15th 2021

Tiziana Deidda

Specialist consultation:

Heike Kopp-Deubel (Tuesday, 2.00pm - 2.50pm)
Room 4023, +49 (0) 69 212 70185