Department for Jazz and Popular Music

This department offers training that covers a repertoire of modern musical styles. In addition to the main instrumental subjects and singing, the Conservatory offers jazz ear training, jazz harmony theory, improvisation, in addition the possibility to play in jazz ensembles and the big band ensemble.


Intensive preparation for professional studies/entrance exam

main subjects:


start of semester:

april 1st / october 1st

Entrance examination requirements

  • Preparation and presentation of two jazz standards (major and minor)
  • Oral theory test on knowledge of jazz scales (blues scales, etc.) and jazz chords (e.g. listening, recognizing and repeating singing of maj. 7 chords)

Please note: Passing the entrance exam does not guarantee a place on the course. The results of the entrance exam can be: passed, failed or passed without a place in a lesson


The conservatory charges a fee for pre-college, which is based on the school fee regulations.

Music Studies Department

The Jazz and Popular Music profile in the Music - artistic-pedagogical orientation (Bachelor of Music) course trains students to become professional musicians in the field of jazz and related music genres. In addition, students receive basic pedagogical and music-related skills.

Start of semester:

october 1st

additional informations: Bachelor of Music

Expert advice:

Anke Helfrich

jazz-singing/vocal ensemble
Eva Mayerhofer

jazz bass/ensemble:

Dietmar Fuhr*

jazz saxophone:
Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn*

jazz drumset:
Axel Pape*

jazz guitar:
Martin Scales*

jazz piano:
Daniel Prandl*

jazz trombone:

jazz trumpet:
Marko Mebus*

history of jazz:
Georg Boeßner*

Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn*


About the departement of jazz

Deadlines for application


Bachelor of Music


The conservatory charges a fee of 50 euros for the entrance exam.


Sabine Zuleger
069-212 70171
Mo - Do 10.30am -12.30pm