Concert halls

Clara Schumann Hall (Great Hall)

Clara Schumann Hall is on the ground floor and it is a medium-sized concert hall with a rising spectator area, a stage with standard stage equipment and curtain. The hall seats approx. 300 people. The seating is not fixed. There are inter-linking chairs.

The stage: 127 m²
The spectator area:  291 m²

There is a mobile organ on the stage. The room is also equipped with a concert piano.

For information on hire conditions and reservation call:

+49 (0) 69 212 70172

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Engelbert Humperdinck Hall (Small Hall)

The Engelberg Humperdinck Hall is also on the ground floor of the Conservatory and it seats approx. 150 people. The large organ is installed on the stage, meaning the stage is smaller. There is a grand piano in the small hall. The stage has no curtain. The chairs in the spectator area are not fixed - they are inter-linking chairs.

Spectator area: 162 m²