Frequently Asked Questions


When do group courses in the basic department take place?

In the afternoon from monday to friday.
Please note: courses, dates and groups may change at the beginning of the semester. We publish the informations on the registration forms within the registration period. 


When is the next registration period?

There is a registration period for each semester. We will announce them on this website in june/december. You can then register directly for your preferred lesson in the respective period. We will upload the relevant forms at the beginning of the registration period. We only consider registrations that are submitted in this respective period for the current semester. The places will then be allocated chronologically after the registration has been received. There will be no waiting lists.


Does my child can start the course in the middle of a semester?

All courses start on October 1 / April 1. There is no option in the middle of the semester.


What are the rates?



Can I change the course in the middle of the semester?

Yes, a change of courses is possible after consultation with the respective lecturer / if course places are available. Please contact ANE-Sekretariat


Whom do I contact in case of changes regarding my data?

a) change of adress: please contact ANE-Sekretariat.
b) change of bank date: please contact accounting


Do you offer discounts?

Yes: rates


What about the periods of notice?

Please check our terms of service: PDF Icon AGB-Richtlinien


Is there a waiting list?

No. Registrations not considered will be destroyed after the registration period has expired.
If the conservatory cannot offer you a place, there is the possibility to try again in the following semester with a new registration.


Where can I get expert advice?

Heike Deubel
Thursday, 2pm until 2.50pm
069-212 70185 | E-Mail: heike.deubel@dr-hochs.de


How do I get informed if a course is canceled?

Please refer to our pin board for information on days off or canceled classes.
Regardless, if lessons are canceled, we try to inform all parents via email as soon as possible.


Do parents stay while the courses take place?

Only in Early Musical Stimulation.
Regarding the other courses: The children remain alone with the teacher and the other children during lessons. Parents can bring their child and pick it up later, but they cannot be there during the course.


What else do I need to know for the group lessons of elementary music education?

Please check:
PDF Icon Informationen Eltern-Kind-Kurse


Do the courses take place within the holidays?

There are no courses on holidays and vacations of the federal state Hessen.
Please check our pin board for all informations about holidays.